Application Basics

When opening TexTools for the first time, the application will try to automatically detect the install location of the game.

If it find the install location, you will get the following message, with the directory it found:

Once you’ve clicked on Yes, or selected your ffxiv folder, the application will open.

Browsing Items

The items obtained from the game files will appear in a categorized list, and in alphabetical order.

Search Function

Typing more than 3 letters in the search box will automatically start to filter the list.

Texture Map Selection

Use the drop-down menu to select a texture map to view. It will have all available textures for the selected item, and the items icon if it is available.

Color Channels

Color channels can be changed with the checkboxes on the top right hand corner of the view.

This is very useful since the game uses Channel Packing for its textures.
More Info here:

3D Model Tab

Race and Mesh selection

Use the drop-down menus to select from the list of available Races and Meshes available for that item.

Full Range of Motion

The model viewer offers a full range of motion to view the model inside and out.

Keyboard Shortcuts for their respective side
F - Front B - Back
L - Left R - Right
U - Up D - Down
Ctrl+R - Reset

Viewer Options

Transparency - makes the gear semi-transparent
Reflection - Changes the Specular amount
Lights - Change light position
Cull Mode - Change the models cull mode

Update TEX

This will reapply the texture on the model, mostly useful after the texture has been updated and you want to see the difference on the model.

The Menu Bar

Mods Menu

Mod List

This will show you the current mods you have imported, with a preview if it is a texture
You may enable, disable, or delete the mods or mod packs directly from this list.
You can filter by Mod Pack or Items
If the mod has a green border it is Enabled.
If the mod has a red border it is Disabled.


Disable All Mods – Disables all the currently active mods.

Enable All Mods – Enables all mods that are in the ModList.

Search Menu

Model ID

This tool will allow you to search several categories by the models ID

Icon ID

This tool will allow you to open specific Icon numbers

Options Menu


You can change the default directories, colors, race, and export settings.


Change the application theme between Light and Dark

Light Theme vs Dark Theme

Help Menu

Check For Problems

This will check for the most common issues when something goes wrong, and suggest a fix if it finds anything.

Start Over – This is like a “Restart” button. All mods are removed, and files cleaned.

Report Bug – This will take you to the Bug Reporting website, you may also leave suggestions.

Back Up Index Files – Manually create a backup of your index files.

About Menu

About TexTools

This window shows information about TexTools, including the current version and a link to the website.

Donate – Takes you to the donation page on this site

Tutorials – Opens the tutorials section on this site

Language Menu


You can switch between different languages for the application here.

Mod Repos Menu

Mod Repositories

This links to the two most common repositories of mods for the game.


DX version

You can click on DX Version on the top right to change between DX9 and DX11 versions of textures.

Community Links

These buttons link to Discord and GitHub respectively