High Priority

To Do List

  • Add confirmation for ModPack import
  • Add select all button to ModPack Creator
  • Change ModPack importing to a separate thread
  • Add ModPack Directory to Directories Window
  • Add VFX as category in ModPack List
  • Change some error message text to warnings
  • Change to check only DX9 or DX11 based on settings
  • Add another dat when over 2GB

Confirmed Issues / Bugs

  • Miqo'te Hair 104 and 109 don't exist
  • Some DemiHuman missing textures​
  • Large files causing crashing

Medium Priority

To Do List

  • Chinese & Korean Language
  • Add more Try Catch blocks to pinpoint issues
  • Speed up ModPack Importing
  • Check for extra data in 1.0 items MDL
  • Update Skeleton files for new hairstyles

Confirmed Issues / Bugs

  • Some models appear incorrectly in Maya
  • Herklaedi crashes on import

Low Priority

To Do List

  • Disable Make XML button after it is clicked
  • Blender support
  • Add more item support (furniture, world, etc.)
  • Export detailed extra data information for mesh hiding.

Confirmed Issues / Bugs

  • Some Astro Weapons are missing card faces in 3D view.

Future Plans


  • Reorganize code again
  • Show face paints on faces
  • Change reflection and lighting to sliders
  • Dark Theme
  • Display all game icons
  • Add animations
  • More AFVX compatibility


  • Create separate app for Imports similar to NMM