Advanced Importing

Advanced Importing Tutorial

This tutorial is targeted towards mod makers, but anyone can use the advanced import feature.

The purpose of advanced importing is to fix meshes that glitch when other pieces of gear are equipped. This is either done by allowing TexTools to attempt a fix, which still allows part of the mesh to hide as intended, or by disabling mesh hiding all together.

How it works

Starting with TexTools Version 1.8, any time you export a 3D model that contains extra data (Data that tells the model what parts of a mesh to hide when other items are equipped) it will also create a settings XML file.

Settings File

The settings XML file that is created will appear in the same folder as the Collada .DAE file.
This file will determine whether TexTools attempts to fix or disable hiding.

Automatically Update Settings

Here we will see how to go about modifying the settings values in the file automatically trough the Advanced Import function in TexTools.

Advanced Import Button

The new button is located in the bottom right of the 3D model tab.

3D Import Options

This window displays the available options for importing.

Importing File – The current DAE file that is set to be imported. The button on its right allows you to select a different file to import, if for example you have different versions.

Mesh Count and Drop-Down – Displays the number of meshes that have extra data (the data that the model uses to determine what part of its mesh to hide), and the drop-down which determines which of the meshes options are being selected.

Attempt Fix – Selecting this option will attempt to correct the issue where incorrect parts of the mesh are being hidden, causing the model to glitch when another piece of gear is equipped. This option should be attempted first as it still allows parts of the mesh to hide as intended.

Disable Hiding – Selecting this option will disable the ability for a mesh to hide any of its parts. This option should only be selected if Attempt Fix did not correct the issue, or if you are certain that the mesh does not need to have any parts hidden anymore, for example, if you have deleted the portion of the mesh which was being hidden when another item is selected.

Make XML Button – This button will create the settings XML file for the selected model if you had previously exported the model and there is no settings XML file present. A settings XML file will be automatically created if there is none present when clicking on import from this window.

Once you have selected the options you would like to import with, click on import. This will import the DAE file with the selection options and close the window, it will also update the settings XML file with the selected options, meaning that any time you click on the regular Import button, it will always import with those options set.

You do not have to click on import again after the advanced import window closes, as it has already imported with your selected settings.

Sharing Results

Once you are satisfied with the results, and you would like to share the model, the preferred method of sharing is making a ModPack as that will retain all the options that were selected and will look exactly as you see it in-game.

If you prefer to share the model as a .dae file, you will have to include the XML settings file if you want the recipient to have the same results.

Manually Update Settings

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--Note: Both Fix and DisableHide should not be True, if they are, TexTools will choose Hide over Fix-->
  <Model name="c0201e0145_dwn">
    <Mesh name="ALL">
    <Mesh name="0" type="Body Mesh">
    <Mesh name="1">

Changing the boolean values to true for any of the meshes will activate that import option when selecting Import from the 3D Tab.

Changes made to the ALL mesh will supersede any other changes made to the file.

The mesh that contains a body model will be labeled accordingly for easier identification.

Once you have completed the changes to the file, you can save it and click on Import in TexTools.