3DS Basics

3DS Basics Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to export a model from TexTools, import it into 3ds Max, and import back to TexTools after its been modified.

Tools Needed

Installation is self explanatory, just follow the prompts for 3DS. The openCOLLADA plugin has installation instructions in the zip file.

Exporting from TexTools

3D Model Tab

For simplicity I will be using the first model in the list, Abes Jacket, head to the 3D model tab of the item, and select Export Model + Materials.

Importing to 3DS


Navigate to the MAX menu in the top left and select Import

File Type

In the import file window, change the Files of type to OpenCOLLADA

Select the model

Navigate to the folder that contains your model.
Typically models are saved in the following folder structure
\Documents\TexTools\Saved\[Slot]\[Item Name]\3D

Exploring the Model

(Optional)Viewport Settings

For better visibility of the model, I set the model to High Quality and change the Viewport Clipping

Model Parts

The model is broken up into separate groups based on their mesh number, and then into several different parts, this is based on how the model is set up in the official files.

Exporting from 3DS


Navigate to the MAX menu in the top left and select Export


In the Save window navigate to the same folder that was used to import the file, Change the save type to OpenCOLLADA, and click on Save.
You will be asked if you want to replace the file, select Yes.

Export Settings

These are the settings you will want to use when exporting the model.

Importing to TexTools


Now that the file is modified and saved, we click on Import in TexTools.
In this instance I deleted some parts of a mesh, and a warning popped up letting me know that this may cause issues in the game, as it is only a warning, TexTools still imports the model.